Every petite harp is handmade in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are a cute resemblance to the big pedal harp!


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Every petite harp is handmade in St. Petersburg, Russia. The exquisite hand-painted soundboards made them art pieces that are playable! They are a cute resemblance to the big pedal harp, with a 21-string range good enough for playing with both hands.



Product information

  • Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 48cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Extended soundboard
  • 21 strings (1st octave G – 4th octave A)
  • Tuning key included

*In case of string breakage, you may replace them with Bow Brand lever nylon strings, which are easily available at local harp shops, harp websites or major music supplies stores. Upon purchase of the petite harps, we will send you video tutorials about tuning and string changing.

Local Delivery

  • Delivery will be made within 7-10 working days after full payment has been received. We will contact you to come up with a suitable delivery time.
  • Local shipping within Hong Kong will be made by Lalamove. The customer will have to go downstairs of the building to pick up the petite harp, and pay delivery fee in cash to the driver upon arrival.

International Delivery

  • International delivery will be made by Hong Kong Post, with shipping fee paid by the customer. Please feel free to check with us regarding the postage fee to your city.
  • We shall send out the order within 7-10 workding days after full payment has been received.


  • What you want is not in stock? You want a petite harp with a specific soundboard, glitter or without any gold lines? You want a fully customized colour? Let us handle that! Send us some reference pictures, we could follow the colour as closely as possible. It will take around 12-16 weeks for production and shipping. See http://www.goodharpternoon.com/product/petite-harp/


  • All petite harps are handmade and there will be traces of craft and paint. Traces smaller than 1cm in diameter are considered normal.
  • All petite harps are made of natural wood, there will be wood patterns and textures on the harp bodies and soundboards. These are not faults. Wood patterns are sent out by random and not open for selection.
  • Upon purchase of the petite harps, the customer agrees to the above terms by default. The harp factory in St Petersburg has high standards of quality control, and we also double check every petite harp before delivery. No exchange or return will be accepted due to reasons concerning craft traces and wood patterns.

Care and Maintenance of the Petite Harp

  • The optimum relative humidity is 40-60%, optimum temperature is +16-25C. Do not expose the harp to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid exposing the harp to direct sunlight, to prevent premature aging of the wood or damage of the varnish.
  • Keep the instrument at least 1.5 metres from windows and heaters, and at least 1 metre from doors.



  • 尺寸: 72 x 24 x 48厘米
  • 重量: 2.5公斤
  • 闊音箱板 (extended soundboard)
  • 21弦 (1st octave G – 4th octave A)
  • 已包括調音匙

*如遇斷弦,可自行購買Bow Brand牌子的撥鍵豎琴尼龍弦(lever nylon strings)更換,在一般豎琴店豎琴網站或大型樂器用品店都很容易買得到。購買小豎琴時,我們會發關於調音和換弦的教學影片給你。


  • 貨品會在收到所有款項後7-10個工作天內送出。我們會與你商討適合的送貨時間。
  • 本地訂單將由Lalamove送貨,運費由客人到付。客人需於貨品到達時,到大廈樓下與司機交收。


  • 國際訂單將由香港郵政送運,運費由客人支付。歡迎向我們查詢郵寄到你地區的運費。
  • 貨品會在收到所有款項後7-10個工作天內送出。


  • 找不到你想要的款式?想要選圖案加閃粉減金線?想要更特別的顏色?給我們一些參考圖片,我們可以替你追色啊!訂造全新小豎琴需時12-16星期,詳情請看 http://www.goodharpternoon.com/product/petite-harp/


  • 每個小豎琴都是由藝術工匠全人手手造,必定會有手工和顏料痕跡。直徑一厘米內的痕跡實屬正常。
  • 每個小豎琴都是用天然木材製成,在琴身和音板上必定會有天然木紋和質感,並不屬於瑕疵。木紋隨機發出,不設個別選擇。
  • 顧客如確定購買小豎琴,代表默認同意以上條款。聖彼德堡的琴廠在小豎琴出廠時有嚴密品質管制,我們在送貨之前亦會檢查琴身。所有因為手工痕跡或木紋的原因,均不會安排換貨或退貨。


  • 請把小豎琴存放於濕度為40-60%,及溫度為攝氏16-25度的環境中,避免帶小豎琴到極冷或極熱的地方。
  • 請把小豎琴存放於陰涼地方,長期陽光照射會傷害到小豎琴的木材以及表面顏料。
  • 請確保小豎琴與窗戶及暖爐等至少有1.5米距離,與櫃門房門等至少有1米距離。

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